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Quiver – Sailing into Sustainability: Our Journey


In the year 2000, Quiver embarked on a journey in the clothing industry, navigating through waves of change and evolution. Fast forward to 2021, a new captain at the helm, with a background steeped in maritime rescue, sailing, and boating, charted a new course for Quiver. Our voyage not only set a course for outdoor sports but also placed a strong emphasis on sustainability and accountability, both to our dedicated staff and the precious environment we hold dear.

Setting Sail for a Sustainable Future

Under the new ownership, Quiver initiated a transformative ownership program that empowered our dedicated staff. Working from a local facility in their own communities, our team now enjoys reduced travel times and expenses, affording them more cherished moments with their families. Equipped with resources donated from our factory, they have become pivotal in the production of custom-made and specialized orders for our valued clients.

The flexible working hours provided by this model, coupled with our commitment to productivity, have helped us weather the unpredictable schedule of load shedding with minimal downtime.

Sailing the Waters of Social Responsibility

In the realm of clothing brands, social responsibility is a non-negotiable anchor. At Quiver, we are deeply committed to reducing waste and ensuring responsible resource usage. As a producer of water sports gear, we understand the significance of environmental stewardship.

To minimize our carbon footprint, Quiver donates off-cut fabrics to local care facilities. These materials find a new lease of life, being repurposed into dog beds, quilts, and a variety of other products that support our local community.

Exploring Sustainable Horizons

Our unwavering dedication to sustainability propels us to explore the uncharted waters of recyclable fabrics, sourced ethically and designed with recyclability in mind. We take pride in the fact that all our clothing is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans in Cape Town. Each stitch reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community.


Quiver’s journey is a testament to our evolution and unwavering commitment to sustainability, accountability, and community. As we sail towards a future that embraces change and innovation, we invite you to be part of our voyage. Together, we can ride the waves of change and shape a world that champions not only the thrill of outdoor sports but also the preservation of our planet.

Join us at Quiver, where sustainability meets style, and where our story is just beginning.